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Will gouge out eyes of Kerala CPM workers: BJP leader Saroj Pandey

BJP national general secretary and former Lok Sabha MP Saroj Pandey on Sunday said that the purpose of the Jan Raksha Yatra, launched by party president Amit Shah, was to show the CPI(M) that if the Left party continues to “show eyes” to BJP workers in Kerala, the latter would respond by “entering homes and gouging out those eyes”.
Pandey also said that the state governments in West Bengal and Kerala should follow democracy, which the BJP respects. She reminded that there is a BJP government at the Centre, and it could dismiss state governments as well. A former national Mahila Morcha president, Pandey is a former MLA, MP and mayor of Durg.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the inauguration of an educational institution in Kumhari on Sunday, Pandey said, “Hum logon ne ye jo march ki shuruwat ki hai, hamaare rashtriya adhyaksh-ji ne ki hai, vo isliye ki hai ki aanewale samay mein agar baar baar hamaare karyakarta ke saath mein isi prakaar se aise aankh dikhaane ki stithi hogi, toh hum ghar mein ghus kar aankh nikal lenge. Yeh tay baat hai.” (This march that we have started, that our national president has started, was to ensure that in future if our workers are shown eyes repeatedly, then it is certain that we will enter homes and gouge those eyes out.)
Asked by reporters about the BJP’s protest against the political violence in Kerala, Pandey began by saying that the party does not see this from a “political prism”, and it believes in democracy. But, she added, the Centre could dismiss the Kerala government if democracy is killed in the state.
“Aaj hum sabse bade dal ke taur par poore vishwa mein hai, keval Bharat mein hi nahi. 11 crore ki hamaari sadasya sankhya hai, aur Kerala mein jo hamaare 300 se zyaada karyakarta, jo 20 saal ke, 22 saal ke, 25 saal ke bacche hai, unhe maar diya gaya. Apni baat rakhne ka adhikar sabko hai. Jahan tak rajneeti ki baat hai, iss par rajneeti nahi honi chahiye, aisa humaara vishwaas hai. Lekin loktantra ki agar hatya hogi, to yeh humaare liye koi badi baat nahi hai. Hamaare sadasya sankhya ke anusar desh mein hamaara shasan hai. Agar hum chaahe to unhe barkhaast bhi kar sakte hai (Today we are the biggest political party in the world, not just in India. We have 11 crore workers, and in Kerala more than 300 workers have been killed, who were 20-, 22- 25- years old…. Everybody has the right to speak. As far as politics is concerned, it is our belief that there should be no politics on this. But if democracy is killed, it is not a big deal for us, that due to our worker strength and it is our government in the country, if we want we can dismiss them as well.)
Pandey added that the BJP believes in democracy and said that the governments, whether in Kerala or West Bengal, should function on democratic lines, and not through “durbhavna (ill will)”.

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