5 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important For Your Sexual Health

Food does play a role in how good your sex life can be. While certain foods can boost your arousal or make your energy last for longer in bed, others can seriously threaten your sex drive. Nutrition, in terms of what you are eating, drinking and how fit your body is dictates how satisfied you will be with your partner during intercourse. A good sexual health, or physical and mental well being is important for you to feel positive about your relationship. Here are 5 reasons related to sexual health that warrant that you watch what you eat.
1. Foods for fertility
If you are trying to get pregnant or want to improve your reproductive health in general, there are certain food you should definitely avoid. And certain others that you must include in your diet. Cash in on foods that contain folic acid and Vitamin C. These nutrients are important to avoid birth defects in your child and strengthen his organs. Broccoli, beetroot, lentils, oranges, tomatoes are good choices. Stay clear of fish, ice-creams, meat and alcohol.
2. Foods for weight and sexual functions

Being overweight can reduce the pleasure of your sex life and create a problem for your partner. Foods that are high on sugar and oil are an absolute no no because they don’t only lead to unsightly fat deposits on your hips, belly and arms but are also a cause for imbalance in estrogen levels. Studies also show that if you don’t include green vegetables, nuts and other sources of Vitamin E in your diet, your sexual functions can weaken.

3. Foods for libido
Some magical foods can help you feel a stronger arousal. If you are looking to power up your sex drive, it’s a good idea to binge on superfoods like strawberries, that are high on antioxidants and boost blood circulation in the penile area. Chocolate is also beneficial since it has methylxanthines that activated your libido. Contrary to popular belief, however, alcohol is not good for your sex drive at all because it decreases arousal and sensitivity.
4. Foods for sperm health
Zinc should be your go-to mineral if you want to increase your sperm health. It also boosts sperm production. So eat foods like almonds, sesame seeds, leafy green vegetables and brown rice everyday to add more zinc to your body. Foods rich in Vitamin E can also help. Additionally, try to include sources of Omega 3 in your diet to improve blood circulation and neurological connections in your testes.

5. Foods for flexibility and stamina
Eating proper foods can increase your ability to try new positions and stretch your limbs better during intercorse. Include sesame seeds, oranges, avocadoes and milk in your everyday diet. Though only a change in eating habits cannot make you flexible, these will support the flexibility of your ligaments, tendons and joints. To build your endurance, resort to eggs, ginger, lean meat, peanut butter and apples.

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