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Bilaspur Cricket Association seeks land for stadium complex

RAIPUR: Bilaspur District Cricket Association has sought land from chief minister Raman Singh to build a stadium in order to conduct Ranji Trophy matches.

Association president Vijay Kesharvani told TOI that the project would commence immediately once land is available. He said that Raghuraj Singh stadium, where Bilaspur players currently practice and play, is located in a crowded area of the city where there are parking problems. Besides, , the association is keen to have a stadium of its own with more players coming in. At present, the association is playing a rent of Rs 4000 per day for using Raghuraj Singh stadium.

“Raghuraj Singh stadium is shut down since two and a half years for some work being done. We had initially thought of the railway playground as a substitute but it has insufficient space for all the players,” Kesharvani said.
Despite limited facilities, Bilaspur cricket association has produced very talented players for both boys and girl teams, who are playing for Ranji teams of Chhattisgarh.

“Since Chhattisgarh Cricket Association have got the full membership of BCCI, a well-equipped cricket stadium is very much required for the association to nurture talent in the state,”. Kesharvani said. Chhattisgarh State Cricket Sangh( CSCS) president Baldeo Singh Bhatia spoke to Raman Singh in connection to land for a cricket stadium. Bhatia said that a land for stadium is available in front of the South Eastern Coal fields Limited.
“At present we have only one international cricket stadium at Raipur so due to less infrastructure we could not host the first class matches. Bilaspur is the second largest city of the state, hence a full-fledged cricket stadium is very much a need for city as well as city players,” said Bhatia.

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