Burger Eating King Ends Up With A Tear In Stomach

According to a report in the Times of India, a restaurant in west Delhi held a burger eating contest — whoever manged to eat the most burgers at one go would get free meals at the restaurant for a whole month.

Delhi University student Garv Gupta won the challenge, devouring the maximum number of chili burgers at the restaurant. His triumph was short lived.

“But the next day, I noticed blood in my vomit and immediately went to the doctor,” the second-year student told TOI. “The doctor told me it was due to the chili burgers I ate.”

After conducting an endoscopy, doctors at the BLK Kapur Speciality Hospital noticed that the inner lining of Gupta’s stomach had ruptured.

Expressing surprise over his condition, Dr Deep Goyal told TOI, “We have seen many cases of stomach damage due to ulcers and excessive consumption of alcohol, but this is the first such case caused by a chili burger.”

Some days ago, a man ended up with a hole in his stomach after unknowingly drinking liquid nitrogen in a Delhi bar.

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