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CG government forms corporation to control sale of liquor in Madhya Pradesh

RAIPUR: Amidst protest against talks of state to take control of liquor sale, the state government has formed Chhattisgarh State Marketing Corporation on the lines of Kerala state model of liquor Corporation , to run 712 Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and country liquor shops in the state.

The new corporation has been formed with state secretary Vivek Dhand as chairman, Amitabh Jain principal secretary as director, Ashok Agrawal, excise department’s commissioner as managing director and Samundra Singh as additional excise commissioner.

Under this move, the Chhattisgarh government will run the liquor shops through the outlets of a state owned corporation and not auction retail liquor shops. Talking to TOI, excise department’s commissioner and Secretary Ashok Agarwal said, “The Chhattisgarh State Marketing Corporation has been formed and its registration under Company Act is underway. Registration will be followed by a meeting of the board of director, wherein the probability of new posts and required manpower wild be decided, which could be around 2000.”

Out of 712 IMFL and country liquor outlets in the state, 416 outlets located at the state and national highways are under the process of relocation after the Supreme Court ordered of a ban on liquor sale on all highways across the country.

The newly formed corporation will fetch the Indian made foreign liquor from the existing beverage corporation of the state and the country liquor will be purchased from warehouses built across the state, where the distilleries supply their stock for sale.

The total revenue collection by sale of liquor in the state is Rs 3900 crore. To eliminate the role of agents in illegal sale of liquor, the corporation has prepared a list of the names of people already working across the counter at the existing liquor shops. This list will also be verified with new entrants in the corporation.
The government’s spokesperson said that state cabinet approved the new excise policy to control the sale of liquor in the state.

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