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Chhattisgarh’s Rural Industrial Park Scheme Employs Women and Supports TB Patients

Raipur– The Rural Industrial Park Scheme in Chhattisgarh, initiated the Bhupesh Baghel Government, is impacting the lives of women and young people in the state. This innovative program helps connect individuals with job opportunities and supports patients fighting diseases like tuberculosis (TB).
In the village of Shyamnagar, situated within the Gram Panchayat, women from self-help groups actively participate in producing diet kits for TB patients at the Rural Industrial Park Ripa. These kits are specially designed to include foods rich in nutrients and protein, providing supplements to TB patients in the Nikshay Friends program. Consuming these kits plays a role in aiding the recovery of TB patients within the drict.
This comprehensive approach empowers women offering them employment opportunities and ensures that TB patients receive nutrition to combat the disease effectively. The women prioritize cleanliness and purity while preparing these kits, ensuring patients receive nutritious meals. As a result of this effort, there is an improvement in the health of TB patients.
Under the adminration’s guidance, additional packets of food are dributed to TB patients through a dedicated team known as Nikshay Mitra. The group members working at Rural Industrial Park Ripa expertly handle the integration and packaging of these kits.

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