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CM Baghel Accuses Central Government of Hindering Paddy Procurement

Raipur: In Chhattisgarh, there is a lot of controversy surrounding paddy procurement, which has reignited the landscape. Chief Miner Bhupesh Baghel has strongly criticized the government, accusing them of obstructing the paddy procurement and creating tensions with farmers.
During a conversation with reporters at a helipad, CM Baghel expressed his disapproval towards the BJP stating, “The central government is causing hurdles in paddy procurement.” He highlighted that everything went smoothly until 2013 when Manmohan Singh led the government. However, he alleged that the first bonus for farmers was halted as soon as the double-engine government came into power. Baghel emphasized scrutinizing the procurement records. Mentioned that under his government’s leadership, they were able to procure an impressive 80 lakh metric tonnes of paddy in the first year and an even more remarkable 107 lakh metric tonnes in the subsequent year.
CM Baghel stressed how crucial it’s to support farmers and mentioned that the central government had previously stated that not a single rupee should be allocated beyond the support price. In response to this stance, our state government introduced the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana.
However, Baghel argued that the central government is creating difficulties obstructing the acquisition of 8.6 million tons of rice and biometrics. He also accused the BJP of promoting hatred towards farmers and showing an attitude towards them. Baghel stressed that the government’s promises of doubling farmers’ income have not been fulfilled, and now they are facing obstacles in procuring paddy.

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