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CM Baghel Launches Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit Construction

Dhamtari: In a momentous ceremony held in Mukundpur, Nagri-Sihawa, Chief Miner Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated a magnificent statue of Lord Shri Ram and a range of construction projects, marking a significant development in the Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit. The event witnessed the presence of notable dignitaries, including Home Miner Tamradhwaj Sahu, State Gau Seva Commission Chairman Mahant Ramsunder Das, Dr Laxmi Dhruv (Sihawa MLA and Vice Chairman of Madhya Kshetra Tribal Development Authority), Ms Rajkumari Diwan (Vice Chairman of State Scheduled Tribes Commission), Jitendra Shukla (Managing Director, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board), Collector Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Superintendent of Police Prashant Thakur, local public representatives, and senior officials.

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The Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit’s development came at an estimated cost of Rs 8.29 crore, encompassing various key components. These include the Lord Shri Ram statue, Shri Ram Vatika, Lamp Pillar, LED Branding, Saptarishi statues, entrance gate, cottage, parking area, tour information center, culvert construction, lawn beautification, CCTV installation, yajnashala (ritual space), public convenience center, drainage system, electrification, overhead water tank, staircases, modular shops, Saptarishi Sthal development, signage, gazebo, boundary wall, site development, and guard room.
Furthermore, Chief Miner Baghel also inaugurated several other crucial infrastructure projects within the region. These initiatives encompassed the construction of a curtain wall with murals, entrance gates, railing and shed construction, gazebo installation, beautification efforts, electrification projects, internal plumbing, and enhancements to the Hanuman temple located in Shringi Rishi Ashram, as well as the development of pathways and public convenience centers in Sihawa.
These initiatives collectively underscore the government’s commitment to promoting tourism, cultural heritage, and overall infrastructure development within the Nagri-Sihawa region, further enriching the state’s cultural and tourism landscape.

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