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CM urges Maoists to shun violence, join mainstream

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh, in a public meeting at Bhairamgarh in Naxal hit Bijapur district in Bastar on Monday, urged all Maoists to give up the arms and join the mainstream, saying violence and terror cannot solve any problem.

“Peace and harmony are the only ways to prosper and develop the society. If Maoists quit the violent path, we are ready to embrace them”, he said. “Government is building roads, bridges, schools and hospitals, providing clean drinking water and taking care of people. I wonder why the Maoists are opposing development initiatives in the region,” he added.

Announcing many schemes related to development of Bijapur district, he said that initially, when the district was just carved out, there was apprehension regarding whether government employees would work there but now the district was progressing by leaps and bounds in the race for development. During the visit, Raman Singh also inaugurated the Ekalavya model school at Bhairamgarh and interacted with students, assuring them that they had nothing to fear from the Maoists. He even urged the left wing extremists to allow their children to attend schools after joining the mainstream. Forest minister Mahesh Gaagda and Bastar MP Dinesh Kashyap were among others present at public meeting.

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