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Congress workers up the ante against new liquor policy

RAIPUR: In the wake of the new liquor policy, activists of Urban District Congress Committee, Raipur and Mahila Congress staged protest at Ramnagar on Monday.

To voice protest, Congress party workers organised a public meeting. Urban District Congress Committee, Raipur president Vikas Upadhyay, Women Congress president Usha Ranjan Shrivastava and corporator Preeti Sriwas addressed the meeting. To highlight the ill-effects of the liquor, a street play was staged by Abha Markam and her team. This was followed by a protest rally of Congress workers. The rally commenced from Kabir Chowk and culminated at Karma Chowk. Tarun Sriwas, Ishwari Namdeo, Gendlal Sahu, Ratan Dongre, Arvind Trehan, Somen Chatterjee, Vandana Rajput, Vikas Pathak and other Congress workers took part in the agitation.

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