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Construction on hi-tech ISBT in capital to begin this month

RAIPUR: A hi-tech bus-stand with services and infrastructure of International standard is all set to be developed in an area of 25 acres in the capital. The construction work to be started by the end of this month.
To be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 49.51 crore, this upcoming Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) would be developed by State Urban Development Agency. As per the SUDA officials, the ISBT would be developed at Rawanbhata near Ring Road with all modern infrastructure. The upcoming bus-stand will have six grand entrance and exits to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The entrance foyer consists of two separate help desks, a ticket counter that can handle six separate channels of queue with 40 persons each.

On the very next to entrance, trolley carriers will be provided for handling of major goods by the users in the waiting hall. Then first floor will consist of shops.
The first floor will have the direct access by separate staircase with an additional facility of elevator. Besides this the first floor will consists of 16 shops with double height that can be lent to various organizations to help in revenue collection, thus making the building for the public and to the public.The main transport office and control room are proposed to place at first floor so as to have a better observation on incoming and outgoing buses and avoid any serious conditions.

While second floor will consist of dormitory for male, female and family. Approximately 100 people can accommodate for night stay and it is well equipped with all the facilities. The third floor will have 34 offices which is spacious and built-up area vary from 45 -100 square meter and fourth floor consists of a large food court consisting of food stalls with attached kitchen food court and can accommodate minimum 150 people at a time.
At night 380 buses including big and small can easily be parked at the bus-stand.Different travel companies will be located behind the ticket counter office of transport office and the bus-stand will also have Automatic Ticket Vending Machine which can directly deliver tickets and recharge transport cards for passengers using.Two cloak room and baggage room are proposed for passengers. On the either side of the lobby is a large waiting hall that can easily handle a stagnant crowd of 300 passengers comfortably seating. Thus in total 600 people can easily wait for their respective buses.

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