Count on these dermatolog-approved tips to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks, usually caused due to stretching of the skin during pregnancy, weight fluctuation or puberty, is a pretty common occurrence. Medically termed as ‘straiae densae’, they usually begin as red or purple marks on the skin and then slowly fade and convert into white or silverish marks.
Many believe that only women get stretch marks but that’s not true. Men, too, can get stretch marks on their skin due to a number of reasons. While stretch marks are pretty common, some people might still feel underconfident and bothered them.

If you are looking to treat your stretch marks, check out what dermatolog Dr Rashmi Shetty has to say.
Take a look.

“Stretch marks are beautiful and more common than you think! However, if it still bothers you and makes you less confident in your skin … here are a few things you can do to deal with stretch marks,” she said.
Creams and oils
According to the expert, certain creams and oils that will hydrate, mourise and heal your skin can help reduce stretch marks. “Creams and oils with ingredients that improve skin elasticity and reduce inflammation can help. Additionally, creams with ingredients that give your skin amino acids and proteins can help skin regeneration. Creams and serums with actives like hyaluronic acid and retinol also really help,” she said.
Peels such as long-stay Retin-A peels can help increase cell turnover, there, helping with stretch marks, she added.

Micro-needling with radiofrequency
This technology “penetrates into depths like no other machine, delivering the deepest fractional treatment possible, going deep enough to generate new collagen, new elastin, relate the old ones and tighten the skin. There, reducing the width and length of stretch marks as well as overall appearance.”
Dr Shetty suggested “working on stretch marks as soon as you see them”. “Earlier you start treatment better. Stretch marks are tough to deal with as it is, and as they mature – it simply gets tougher,” she said.
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