Eat these 6 veggies and fruits cooked, NOT raw (The list includes carrots)

According to science, there are various fruits and vegetables which should not be consumed raw. The main factor being nutrient absorption in our body. If you are also under the constant dilemma of what vegetables and fruits you should eat raw or cooked, here is a list which can make things easier for you:

TOMATOES: Tomatoes contain lycopene and other antioxidants which release better when cooked. When heat is produced, it breaks down the cell walls of the vegetable or fruit being cooked and this, in turn, helps in better absorption of lycopene in our body.

POTATOES: Potatoes become more palatable if eaten cooked. This is because eating raw potatoes is something our tongue is not used to and research also shows that cooking vegetables like potatoes increases their beta-carotene content.

CARROTS: Cooking carrots will lead to the release of beta-carotene at a greater pace. Beta-carotene converts into vitamin A in our body. Even though we have a habit of eating raw carrots in our salads, it is time we started blanching or rather sautéing them.

CAULIFLOWER: Just like broccoli, eating raw cauliflower is not good for our digestion. Steaming cauliflower or eating it in the form of a subzi is a better option to go for if you want to benefit from its nutrients.

SPINACH: Cooking spinach means more calcium, iron, and magnesium. Cooking spinach also boosts its antioxidant content. Therefore, stick to the palak paneer your mother gives you.

BROCCOLI: Even though there are numerous theories on this, broccoli is difficult to digest if eaten raw. Therefore, steaming or sautéing it is a good option if you want its nutrients.

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