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Festive mood high as spirit of Hariyali Teej grips Bhopal

BHOPAL: The quest of ‘haryali teej’ is a long one. But some rituals like women applying henna in their hands, putting up swings in courtyards, dressing up in green ethnic outfits and fasting for the well-being of husbands still carry the rich emotional content.
In the month of Shravan is imbued with the flavor of monsoon and the charm of green pastures and, with the ‘hariyali teej’, comes a lot of enthusiasm and gusto of the women celebrating it. Many from Bhopal are high on the festive mood and carrying forward their legacy like every year.
Pandit Pankaj Sharma, Vashisht, explained: “Teej is observed on the third day after every new moon (Amavas) and full moon (Purnima).”
“The city becomes green during the monsoon. Therefore, the teej during the month of Sharavan is called hariyali teej. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva during this month washes all the sins and one is bestowed with abundance.” A huge group of Sneh Nagar women organised an event on Tuesday. Shravan music and dance were the major attraction apart from the puja and prasad distribution.

Rashmi Singh, member of the organising committee, said: “The celebrations included fasting on teej and praying for a good harvest season along with well-being of husbands and family members. The unmarried women pray for marital bliss.”
Kanti Mishra, who never missed to fast for her husband, said: “The festival marks the reunion of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. According to Hindu beliefs, Goddess Parvati fasted for many years and was blessed with Lord Shiva as her husband.”
Deepika Bhargava, who is planning to organise an event on Sunday, said: “The month of Sharavan is auspicious. We’re planning to celebrate teej on Sunday as we are working on Wednesday. It’s a wonderful feeling to dress in green and perform the rituals together.”
The festivities have begun and will continue till Rakshabandhan.

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