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Goodwill is actually image, Reputation of a company or individual

Goodwill is actually image,reputation of a company or individual.Goodwill has no competition it has their own earning capacity.Goodwill is invisible but we can feel I around us.Goodwill takes several years to earn but its benefits is long term or we can say generation to generation.It’s benifit is it gives large scope’s to a businessman or individuals life.Goodwill is such a positive force by which we can overcome in a very bad situation……………..In business terminology,goodwill is the additional value benefit for business.Our business past,present and future mostly times depends on our company’s brand image,loyality,customer’s relationship etc.If our company has good reputation with clients,society,and environment it means it means it has good brand image.If a business manage all above parameters automatically earn goodwill for the company or for the brand…………………..The goodwill or reputation earned by company or brand itself.A good reputation of company provide immunity to the company and also immune from the competition.Good image of company gives benefits to its rivals or competitors.Goodwill is not earn easily for it a businessman or individuals havee to take many tuff decisions.Earning of a goodwill is a very long process but get one time its reaped generation to generation………….In a balance sheet of a company we cannot add brand image,loyality,social image because all this we cannot seen.Goodwill is intangible such as trust,brand image,customer employee loyality.We cannot seen in immediate tangible terms such as building,profit,raw materials etc.Goodwill provides longterm sustaince of business.In a hard time of a company goodwill provides a strong base to overcome among competitiors……..Goodwill is a important fact in a company’s account book

03-04-2017 03:35:15 PM: Shikha: Goodwill is a important fact in a company’s account book.It is asset that will never depreciates and in fact is always valued at a premium.Goodwill or brand image is a weapon by which a businessman or individual expand their business.Business good reputation provides strong image among shareholders and financial institution.Business good image in market becomes lucrative offer from its customers,clients,and for social factors.Another part is

03-04-2017 03:35:15 PM: Shikha: Of a good brand image is goodwill is the thing which we cannot buy it have to earn.For the competition purpose is a very expensive weapon.No one can destroy goodwill of a company or individual.If a business has a strong brand image on the mind of their customers doesn’t matter how many other products in market.No one can ruin your market because of brand image…..Many companies providing many new facilities to their employees and clients.For employees providing housing colonies,hospitality management all these things are very beneficial in earning goodwill.To clients provide many lucrative offers for creating a social brand image.Goodwill gives a strong image in markets.So at least goodwill is that asset that no one can destroy or resell.

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