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Jawan’s Avert Naxal Attack in Atulpara and Minpa in CG

An IED was diffused CRPF Jawans in Sukma.A pipe bomb was diffused CRPF in Sukma.An IED was recovered Jawan’s of COBRA Battalion in Atulpara.Both the attacks were confirmed SP Sunil Sharma.

Sukma: A Naxal attack was averted in the Sukma drict on Monday after CRPF Jawans discovered pipe bombs. The 74th Batallion of the CRPF discovered the pipe bomb in Atulpara, Poallampally.

In another incident, a team of Jawans also recovered IEDs planted in a forest area while inspecting a road scheduled for the inauguration. A group of Jawans was deployed in the Elmagunda Minpa area, on inauguration duty. The inspection was conducted the 206 Batallion of COBRA.

The discovery of the improvised explosive device and the pipe bomb was confirmed SP Sunil Sharma.

No casualties in the incident were reported.

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