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Manipur election: PM Modi promises to end economic blockade if BJP gets elected

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday blamed the Congress for neglecting the development of Manipur in the last 15 years and accused the government of chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh of colluding with those responsible for the economic blockade of the state.

He also said if the Bharatiya Janata Party comes to power in the state it will “do in 15 months what the Congress did not do in the last 15 years”.

“What Congress did not do in the last 15 years, I assure we will do it in 15 months. Wherever Congress is in power there is no development, there is only corruption,” said Modi at an election rally in state capital Imphal.

“There will never be an economic blockade when BJP comes to power in Manipur, I assure you this,” he added.

Manipur assembly elections will be held in two phases – March 4 and 8 – to elect 60 members of the state legislative assembly.

“Unity of Manipur, welfare of its people and development of the state is our only goal. You gave them (Congress) 15 years, give us five years. I assure you we’ll complete the pending work in 15 months,” said Modi.

“Manipur has been ruined in 15 years. Who is responsible? Congress did no development, do they deserve to be here now?” Modi asked.

He added: “The corruption that took place in Manipur in last the 15 years will be exposed by our government.”

“If northeast India does not progress, the country’s progress will not be complete. When Atalji formed the government, he made policies for overall development of the region. But Congress did not carry forward the good work,” said Modi.

“Those who cannot ensure peace in the state have no right to govern Manipur. They made brothers fight each other in the state,” he added.

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