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No one is wise by birth,Success results from ones own efforts

“No one is wise by birth,Success results from ones own efforts”…In world every child or individuals differ from his or her upbringing.Everyone has their own perception and knowledge.The English thinker John used term”TABULA RASA”to describe mind of infant.Every child has their own ability.On the stage of development he or she gains knowledge from his or her family members,from nature,from the person which plays a role in individuals life like faculties,friends.Individuals use that knowledge to understand the world ,to understand the situation.According to individual sense he or she sees the world.No one is wise by birth individuals achieves success by his efforts.

By birth individuals is blank.In the different stages of development individual learns and apply that for getting success.We cannot compare between two individuals ability.Every individual has their own special learning ability and sense.Individuals differs in their knowledge and learning.We knows very well which we think we learns we apply and get success.So success is only depends on our effort not on our birth.We cannot compare two individuals ability.People renowned for their success,name,fame such as PLATO,CHANAKYA,SIDDHARTH all they were not born wise but they made lot of efforts during their developmental stages over time and puts a lot effort.All they are differ in their dignity that’s why we cannot compare.

Albert Einstein Said:-Everyone is a genius,but if u judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Individuals gets success by its effort he or she learns efforts ages passed from of legends,stories,books,so many things and learn from them.It is not necessary every individual get success.Success also wants many things from individuals like patience,discrement,sound judgement and understanding which is essential or key element of individual success.

Not necessarly every individual use their wiseness in getting success.Success is not a very easy thing individual have to make lot of effort .Not everyone is wise.For some individual only age comes they lived unwise their whole life.Individuals have to use their knowledge,learning for getting something worthful.Individuals should give their life a meaningful destination throughout their journey by using their knowledge and learning.He or she used to always a sense of judgemental actions.Individual should learn throughout their life because success never becomes old.So in the conclusion not only wiseness but it should be in used for living a meaningfull life..

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