Uorfi Javed sports dress made of tea bags, netizens say ‘hats off’ | Trending

Uorfi Javed is known for her offbeat fashion sense, often transforming everyday items into eye-catching outfits that leave people in awe. From donning a top made of tree bark to sporting a barricade-inspired ensemble, the actor regularly shares videos and photos flaunting her attire crafted from unusual materials. Uorfi is at it again. This time she slipped into a dress made of tea bags. As expected, her unique outfit received numerous comments. Many were left impressed with her creativity.

Uorfi Javed adorns a dress crafted entirely from tea bags.(Instagram/@urf7i)

“Hello frands, chai peelo,” wrote Uorfi while sharing a video on Instagram. The video opens to show Uorfi wearing a t-shirt dress and dipping a tea bag into a cup of water. As the video progresses, she takes a sip of the tea. The scene then transitions to show Uorfi donning a unique dress made of tea bags.Since being shared a few minutes ago, the video has accumulated over 2.2 lakh likes, and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share has also prompted many to leave their thoughts in the comments section.“For a change. I really liked this outfit,” posted an individual. Another added, “Nice.” “Amazing!” commented a third. A fourth shared, “For creativity at least she deserves 100 points.” “Hats off to your ideas,” expressed a fifth.

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