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V.K. Sasikala appointed as AIADMK general secretary

The AIADMK general council on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution appointing V.K. Sasikala, close aide of former Chief Minister and party supremo Jayalalithaa, as general secretary of the party.

The resolution said that until the formal election process was completed, she would hold all powers that came with the post.

The resolution read “as per Rule 20(2) of the party’s by-laws, this Council unanimously resolves that V.K. Sasikala will be appointed General Secretary until she is formally elected to the post”. It said, “Ms. Sasikala will have all powers vested with the general secretary.”

The general council meeting at Vanagaram, on the outskirts of Chennai, began with leaders paying tributes to Jayalalithaa.

Through a resolution, the party sought the Nobel Peace Prize and the Ramon Magsasay award for Jayalalithaa and the installation of her statue in Parliament.

Later, Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, along with a few other party leaders, met Ms. Sasikala and gave a copy of the resolutions to her.

Ms. Sasikala accepted the party members’ request to function as the general secretary.

The general council meeting was presided by party presidium chairman E. Madhusudhanan. This was its first meeting after Jayalalithaa’s death.

The chorus for Ms. Sasikala as general secretary started a few days after the death.

On Wednesday, senior AIADMK leader C. Ponnaiyan declared “there is no contest.”

All district and lower level party units and various mass organisations affiliated to the AIADMK had urged Ms. Sasikala to become the general secretary.

Ms. Sasikala has refrained from appearing in public after her family’s show of strength at the Rajaji Hall where Jayalalithaa’s body was kept for the public to pay their last respects.

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