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12 patients die in ambulances stuck in heavy traffic jams in Bilaspur

Sanjeevni 108, an emergency ambulance service, was started by the Centre to provide help especially to accident patients, however massive traffic jams in the city is beating the purpose.
To increase chances of survival a patient, injured in a road accident, must be brought to the hospital within the first one hour, which is called the ‘Golden Hour’.
The Golden Hour theory is followed all over the world. It was first framed by the WHO (World Health Organisation).
According to the theory, a heart patient or road accident victim’s chances of survival go up by 70-80% if he/she is rushed to the hospital within one hour.
About 1,200 people were brought to hospitals in the past six months by Sanjeevni 108 ambulances. 12 of them could not survive as they did not make it to the hospital because of traffic jams, a TOI report read.
Traffic jams are very common in Bilaspur, especially on the stretch from Nehru square to Guru Nanak square, Tarbahar square to Satyam square, from Agrasen square to old bus stand square, from Shiv talkies square to Gandhi square and from Mangla square to Nehru square.
The distance can be covered in 15-20 minutes if there’s clear passage, however it takes over an hour due to traffic, an ambulance driver said.
Sanjeevni ambulances have saved lives of 9594 patients in last six months. If the city traffic is streamlined and people become a little more aware about traffic and lane sense, it would reduce deaths due to delay in a patient reaching a hospital by as much as 95 per cent, Manish Singh, district in-charge of Sanjeevni 108, said.

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