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20 per cent quota for militancy-hit districts in border forces: Kiren Rijiju

Twenty per cent of vacancies in the forces guarding the country’s borders are filled with people from militancy-affected districts, Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju informed the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.
“As per the government policy, the vacancies in the rank of Constable (General Duty) are distributed among the states and Union Territories and also among the border districts and militancy-affected areas,” the Minister said in a written reply.
20 per cent quota for militancy-hit districts in border forces: Kiren Rijiju
Sixty per cent of the vacancies are allotted amongst states and Union Territories on the basis of population ratio, he added.
The remaining 40 per cent is equally divided between the border districts, which fall within the responsibility of the forces and the districts affected by militancy.
The government periodically notifies districts, which are affected by militancy or Naxal violence across the nation.
In forces, other than those guarding the borders, 40 per cent vacancies are allotted to militancy-affected areas of J&K, northeastern states and Naxal-affected areas.
India has four border-guarding forces, viz. Border Security Force for Pakistan and Bangladesh borders, Indo-Tibetan Border Police for Tibet border, Shashastra Seema Bal for Nepal border and Assam Rifles for the Myanmar border.

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