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Burgam encounter under scanner, NCST takes cognisance of Bastar schoolboys’ killings

The controversial murder of two tribal school boys in Bastar in an alleged fake encounter has landed Bastar Police in trouble.
The Congress Party has not only constituted its own probe committee constituting local MLAs and public representatives but also registered a complaint with the National Commission for Schedule Tribes based on its probe report.
Chairman of the National Commission for Schedule Tribes (NCST), Rameshwar Oraon, responded to the complaint and wrote to Bhupesh Baghel, State President of Chhattisgarh Congress Party: “The Deputy Chairman of NCST has ordered a probe into the incidents in which the people of ST community were killed in alleged fake encounters branding them as Maoists”.
Congress Spokesperson Gyanesh Sharma told Pradesh 18 that a complaint letter has been sent by the Congress President Bhupesh Baghel to the Chairman of NCST on September 29, in which it was mentioned that on September 25 in Bastar district, Sonku Ram Kashyap (16) and Bijalu Kashyap (19-20) were dragged from their relatives’ house and assassinated by the security forces in a fake encounter branding them as dreadful and wanted Naxals.
“Similarly, earlier also several innocent tribals were killed in alleged fake encounters in Bastar division under anti-Naxal operations. Congress State President has demanded interventions from NCST to stop such atrocities and cold blooded killings and also sought impartial probe in those cases,” said Gyanesh Sharma.
“To support the allegations if the Congress state president also submit concrete evidences then it would be of great help,” BJP spokesperson S Sharma said.

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