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Chhattisgarh government makes installation of speed governors mandatory

Chhataisgarh state government has made installation of speed governors in all vehicles mandatory, including in Durg district.
The rule was brought into effect starting November 1. Also, vehicles without speed governors will not be awarded fitness certificates.
Chhattisgarh government makes installation of speed governors mandatory
District transport department now refuses to issue fitness certificates to vehicles without speed governors.
Speed governing devices only from companies approved by the Centre will be installed in vehicles, transport department official Pulak Bhattacharya said.
The government has been mulling ways of keeping the devices economical so as not to create an extra burden on vehicle owners.
Centre approved companies like Automotive Research Association of India, Central Institute of Road Technology and International Inistitute of automotive Technology will make these devices available.
The objective behind this move is to bring down number of road accidents down through putting a cap on how fast people drive.
Transporter associations have, however, protested this move saying that speed governors should only be made mandatory in high speed vehicles, and not heavy locomotives.

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