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Chhattisgarh sets up OPD for transgenders at Dr Ambedkar Hospital

Chhattisgarh Health Department has setup an OPD ‘Ayushman Unit’ specifically for transgenders in state-run Dr B R Ambedkar Memorial Hospital in Raipur.

As many as 10 transgenders have been examined by super specialist doctors in the hospital’s OPD, said hospital authority, adding that this will be for the first time that sex-rearrangement surgery will be carried out in ‘Ayushman Unit’ on December 9-10.

Notably, following the directives of Supreme Court in 2014, the state government has chalked out an action plan for surgery of people belonging to third gender community.

“Recently, 10 transgenders have been subjected to a session of counselling in the hospital and they have been called for another session. They will now be subjected to medicine therapy so that they are prepared for sex rearrangement surgery. After 15-20 days of medicine therapy, they transgenders will be examined to find out whether they are ready for the surgery or not,” said hospital authority.

Recently, a team comprised of endocrinologist, plastic surgeon and gynecologist examined two transgenders for surgery.

Initially, two surgeries will be carried out in the hospital by an expert doctor from Chennai, Dr Jairam, who will accompanied by a team of doctors.

As per data compiled by Social Welfare Department, there are around 3000 transgenders in the state, of which 150 have expressed desire for sex rearrangement surgery.

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