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Congress MLA slammed after clicking selfie at bus accident spot

Bihar Congress MLA, Bhavna Jha, on Thursday invited criticism after her selfie at the spot where 27 people had died in a bus accident in Madhubani went viral on social media with the legislator defending her act.
The MLA from Benipatti in Madhubani district, posted the selfie on Facebook, following which BJP said it was an “insensitive act”.
Congress MLA slammed after clicking selfie at bus accident spot
The Legislator was seen clicking selfie with people on the spot of the accident near Basaitha chowk where 27 passengers lost their lives after the bus fell into a roadside pond on September 19.
She said the picture was taken with people while they were doing rescue work on the spot and requested her for a selfie.
“The youths who rendered service at the time of distress had requested me for a selfie and I agreed for their sake,” Jha told.
State BJP chief spokesman Binod Narayan Jha slammed the MLA’s act of taking a selfie at the accident site.
“This is height of insensitivity towards a human tragedy. These politician who have parachuted into politics without any struggle treat even a human tragedy as picnic,” Binod Narayan Jha told.
Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Prem Kumar, demanded that she seeks apology from people of Bihar for this.
Meanwhile, the Congress MLA accused BJP of triggering a controversy over the issue for political gain.
“I reached the accident spot when locals prevented police and civil officials to go there. I joined hands with them in relief and rescue operation of the victims,” she said.
“In place of appreciating my service towards the victims, political rivals are throwing mud on me over the selfie,” the Congress MLA said.
The woman legislator also got support from party colleague and state’s Revenue Minister Madan Mohan Jha.
“She has done a great service to people after the bus accident. This should have been highlighted instead of maligning her over a photograph,” the minister said.

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