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Convener of Beti Bachao campaign allegedly posts nude pictures of girls on social media

Ex-chairman of Labour Board and Chhattisgarh State convener of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign Pramod Bhatt is being heavily criticised by opposition parties, social activists, also by his own party members over an extremely irresponsible act.
Sixty-year-old Bhatt may be booked by the cyber cell for violation of IT Act and pornography. However, instead of prosecuting him, the BJP has come in support of the leader.
Convener of Beti Bachao campaign allegedly posts nude pictures of girls on social media
Bhatt apparently shared nude photos of three girls over a WhatsApp group. The photographs were shared on September 29, and went viral on social media which created a ruckus within the party and outside for his indulging in such an unwarranted obscene act.
Pramod Bhatt, however, has maintained that he did not post the photos on social media. His phone was hacked by someone and so misused for sharing such pictures, he added.
BJP Spokesperson Sanjay Shrivastava said that Bhatt is the convener of Modi government’s most ambitious scheme Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, and is a responsible man. Thus, his committing such an act is not possible.
“We believe it is a political conspiracy behind posting of these pictures. Therefore, a probe has been ordered by the party,” he added.
Congress spokesperson Ghanshyam Raju Tiwari said that if there is a political conspiracy then the concerned person should approach the police to file a complaint, however we don’t that happening.
“What an irony that a person holding such a responsible position shares nude photographs of girls on social media. Nothing could be more shameful than this. It is a habit with BJP leaders, whenever they are caught in such a situation they term it a political conspiracy,” he added.
However, several BJP youth members have protested demanding Bhatt’s expulsion.

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