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High Court issues notices to DG, Jagdalpur SP, SHO over police atrocities

Tribal villagers of Sulenga residing in Mardum Police station area in Bastar filed a petition in Bilaspur High Court over police atrocities.

The lawyer who fought the case in the Bilaspur High Court on the behalf of terrorized tribals said the tribal villagers of Sulenga complained that they are forced to reside out of their villages. They fear elimination by police in fake encounters after being branded dreadful wanted Naxals.

It has been informed that residents of village Sulenga Moti Mandavi, Kachan Kashyap, Forka Mandavi have submitted a written complaint that SHO Mardum harasses them.

The lawyer also informed that in several cases it was found that innocent tribals falsely implicated in cases either are imprisoned or assassinated in fake encounters.

Hearing the case, High Court Judge Justice Gautam Bhaduri issued a notice to DGP Chhattisgarh Police, SP Jagdalpur and SHO Mardum Police Station to clarify their stand, added the lawyer.

It should be noted that AAP leader Soni Sori who continuously raised the issue of tribal atrocities and fake encounters has also been allegedly victimised by police. Her face was attacked with inflammable chemical resulting into disfigurement of her skin.

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