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Locals await ‘acche din’ as PM Modi adopts another village under Adarsh Gram Scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, under the Adarsh Gram Scheme, has adopted yet another village.
Previously, Modi adopted Jayapur and Nagepur. The latest addition to the villages under his watch is Kakarhiya.
Locals await ‘acche din’ as PM Modi adopts another village under Adarsh Gram Scheme
Residents at Kakarhiya are delighted their village will be adopted by the PM, and are hoping for ‘ache din’ as promised by Modi.
The prime minister himself unveiled his plan to adopt the village to the village head.
Accoridng to 2011 census, the population of the villages is 2,600. Kakarhiya is known for cultivation of flowers and wrestling.
A total of 419 families live in the village, which however lacks basic amenities.
Village head Ranjit Patel said that he travelled to New Delhi to meet the PM on August 11. It was then Modi mentioned adopting the village. The plan is now being carried out.

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