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Meet ‘Hariyali Didi’, who has inspired many by setting up terrace garden

Pushpa Sahu, a housewife has come up with a unique concept of terrace gardening in Raipur.
In order to promote organic farming and fight environmental pollution, she has set up a 2,400 sq.ft terrace garden at her home.
Meet ‘Hariyali Didi’, who has inspired many by setting up terrace garden
For her unique initiative, she has become popular by the name of ‘Hariyali Didi’ in the city. She has converted her terrace garden into fruit cum vegetable garden. Trees bearing several fruits and vegetables could be easily spotted at the garden. Moreover, she has planted some medicinal plants also in the garden.
Telling about her green initiative Pushpa said, “I am not a scientist but was fed up and worried because of the felling of trees due to space crunch. Thus, decided to plant trees on rooftops. To neutralize the penetration of propping of roots into the roof, plastic cans are being used and for watering drip irrigation technique is being practiced.” Now, I can easily get organic food from my garden, she added.
The innovative approach of terrace gardening helped Pushpa to win several awards and fellowships including Farmer Fellowship 2016 by IGKV, Shri Shakti Samman from Sharmila Tagore, Vinoba Bhave Shree Shakti Samman 2016 and several others.
The neighbours who mocked me earlier for the new initiative now comes to me to learn the technique, added Pushpa.
She further said, the way cities are getting crowded the only thing left with us is our rooftops, and if we utilize them in a better way we can also beat the problem of air pollution to some extent.
Agriculture Professor KK Sahu said, her journey to success was not easy but consistent efforts have overcome all the difficulties. He further said, if government adopt and favours her experiment then it will be a blessing to the people fighting global warming.
One officer working at Agriculture Department said that her concept of the terrace garden is very inspiring and they have received several similar proposals from other places.

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