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Protests at Shekhawati University after 59,000 out of 99,000 students fail in exams

Shekhawati University in Sikar has always been in news for but for all wrong reasons and again the University is facing the heat from the students this time.
The students are protesting against the results declared by the university and the students are threatening to take the university officials to the court for their wrongdoing and blunders in checking exam sheets.
Protests at Shekhawati University after 59,000 out of 99,000 students fail in exams
The students are alleging that the university is checking the copies with a blind eye which resulted in failing 59 per cent of the students.
Till now tye university has conducted around 13 examinations in which 59.15 per cent students have failed.
It may be mentioned here that the out of 99 thousand students, 59 thousand students have failed in exams.
The students from Jhujhnu are alleging that the university is unable to check the copies and this is spoiling the future of the students in the university.
The irate students have demanded the university officials to re-open the copies for re-checking or else they will drag them to court. Besides, other students are demanding to shut down the university.

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