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Raipur jail inmates go on hunger strike, demand 3-Star hotel food

On Gandhi Jayanti, more than 3000 prisoners of Raipur Central Jail went for hunger strike in support of their 16 points agenda and did not call off their strike even after repeated requests made by the Jail Administration.
Surprisingly, the information of hunger strike inside the jail come out through social media. The prisoners demanded that they must be served three star hotel food within the jail premises, otherwise they will keep boycotting the food served to them.
Raipur jail inmates go on hunger strike, demand 3-Star hotel food
Some demands of the prisoners are as under:
The quality of food served in prison should be increased
Smoking should be permitted in the jail premises
Number of barracks should be increased, as the present barracks are over crowded
Telephone booth should installed like Western Countries
Relatives and family members should be allowed to be meet on daily basis
Life term prisoners should be set free
Their daily wages must be increased
Supreme Court guidelines must be followed
Meanwhile, DG Girdhari Nayak said, attempts will be made to fulfill the genuine demands of the prisoners. Illegal demands cannot be fulfilled in this context, local administration have already been informed.
District Collector OP Choudhary said that he will speak to SP on this issue.
It should be noted that Raipur Jail has 3155 male and 214 female prisoners, which includes 40 Maoists, accused of murder and other heinous crimes. In surprise raids, several times often narocotics materials, cell phones and other prohibited items were seized from the barracks of the jail in past years. Thus, to get rid of these things, the prisoners planned and executed the hunger strike, informed the sources.
However, it could not be denied that jail barracks of Raipur Central Jail is overcrowded and several times it were complained that jail-inmates were supplied substandard food.

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