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Rape case: BJP leader’s son Prince Saluja arrested, Opposition fires salvo at Chhattisgarh govt

BJP leader Jasbir Singh Saluja’s son Prince Saluja accused of raping a 36-year-old woman in Mahasamund arrested six days after the crime on Monday.
Three including Prince Saluja, have been accused of raping a woman in Mahasamund. The incident took place on October 11 at Pirda village under Basna police station limits when the victim arrived at her paternal place during Dussehra festival,” Basna SHO Narendra Yadav said in a statement to PTI.
Rape case: BJP leader’s son Prince Saluja arrested, Opposition fires salvo at Chhattisgarh govt

Police arrested the accused Prince Saluja from Risdi road when he was trying to sneak into Odisha border in his car.
Confirming his arrest, SP Mahasamund said, he will be presented before media once the enquiry gets over.
Chhattisgarh police and Raman Singh led Chhattisgrah government faced fresh opposition salvos over the incident.
Opposition alleged that police were not arresting the BJP leader’s son, who was absconding and evading arrest, due to the political pressure on them.
Congress State President Bhupesh Baghel accused BJP government of shielding the accused. He also demanded that the victim’s case should be trialed in a fast track court.
The serious allegations levelled by the PCC president pushed BJP in troublesome zone.
However, Chief Minister Raman Singh has refuted the allegations and said, the attackers were of obstructed mentality, will be dealt strictly so that an example could be set before others and one should think several times before committing such crime.
However, after getting the instructions from High Command, the state Home Minister Ramsewak Paikra also met the family members of the victim and assured strict action against the accused.
Moreover, the BJP has shown a note in which it has been mentioned that Jasbir Singh Saluja, father of the accused, was once party Mahamantri but presently he is not holding any position.

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