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Repeat of Dana Manjhi in Raigarh, tribal family forced to carry body on shoulder in absence of ambulance

In what reminds us of Odisha’s Dana Manhji incident that shocked the entire nation, a repeat such horrible incident was on display in Janjgir village of Tanmar block in Raigarh district in Chhattisgarh.

The family of Sukhau Bhuihar, a tribal, who died during the treatment at local community health centre, walked with his body for 4 kilometers to their village as the health centre failed to arrange the ambulance.

The matter came to light after a man clicked the family’s photo with the body and posted it on social media.
According to reports, the vehicle was not arranged by officials despite repeated request of the family.
The shocking revelation caused an uproar in official circles and a probe was ordered in the case.

“Block Medical Officer of Tamanr community health centre has been directed to provide information regard the incident. Stern action will be taken if negligence is reported,” said district health officer Havel Oraon.
According to a health officer, the Bhuihar was brought to the centre in a very critical condition and he was immediately referred to District Hospital Raigarh.

Before the patient was shifted to Raigarh, he succumbed to illness, said the officer.
Earlier, photographs of Kalahandi tribal carrying his wife’s body on his shoulders had created nationwide rage.

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