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Ruckus after dengue patients administered expired saline in SECR hospital

Families of two dengue patients created ruckus at the South East Central Railway hospital in Bilaspur after they alleged that the patients were administered expired saline during treatment.
The patients, SP Gupta and Alok Kumar who work as locomotive pilots in the Indian Railways, were diagnosed with dengue and were admitted in SECR hospital.
A relative of one of the patients noticed that the saline being administered to the dengue patients was outdated. The family then raised the issue and created a ruckus over the medical negligence. The patients were later shifted to Apollo Hospital in Bilaspur and are said to be stable.
Meanwhile, the SECR hospital authorities have taken a tough stand and issued show cause notice to the nurse who was on duty.
All India Loco Running Staff Association national secretary AK Singh said that we have been left with no option but to write a complaint to the Union Railway Minister over the medical negligence in the hospital run by the Railways.
Meanwhile, SECR Central Hospital Director Dr. Gautam Chakravarty said that bottle of saline which was lying on patient’s table was not administered. Although, a probe has been ordered in this regard as to how the expired medicines which are supposed to be disposed off reached the patient’s table.
After the controversy, the railway employees have decided to raise the issue to demand improved medical services at the hospital.

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