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Sasikala will be next AIADMK general secretary, says party spokesperson

Sasikala Natarajan, the former aide of late chief minister Jayalalithaa is tipped to be the next general secretary of the ruling AIADMK, a party spokesperson said on Thursday.

“It is the desire of the entire party that Chinnaamma (little mother, the sobriquet party leaders have bestowed upon Sasikala) will become our new general secretary,” party spokesman C Ponnaiyin said at a press conference in Chennai.

“She functioned as the conscience of Amma, and played a part in her glory. The party leaders and committee will meet soon to formally elect her,” he said.

Sasikala, who was Jayalalithaa’s aide and confident for more than 20 years, has been in the spotlight ever since the death of the four time the leader on December 5.

Despite opposition and distrust from party cadres workers, the leaders of the AIADMK have stood behind her and pledged to her their support .

Notably, Sasikala has never held any formal position within the AIADMK.

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