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Ticket to Amanmani Tripathi reopens Samajwadi ‘Pari-war’ wounds

After almost two weeks of thaw, fissures within the top leadership of the Samajwadi Party are yet again erupting. This time an ‘honest’ admission from Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has exposed the rift.
The fact that Akhilesh has either voluntarily decided or has been purposely sidelined in the process of ticket distribution has come as yet another set back to the party whose leaders and cadres continue to be in a state of confusion.
Ticket to Amanmani Tripathi reopens Samajwadi ‘Pari-war’ wounds
The UP CM got to know only through media that someone against whom he has recommended a CBI probe is now a party candidate for the upcoming assembly elections due next year.
The list was made public on Monday morning itself by party’s state president Shivpal Yadav. What followed then was an embarrassment for all top leaders of the party. Azam Khan who was infact accompanying the CM in the press conference on the sidelines of inauguration of New CM Secretariat, was seen trying to hold back Akhilesh from making his ‘honest’ observation, but Akhilesh chose to send the shockwaves.
His admission that he was not aware of the names of the candidates and that he has chosen not to be the part of ticket distribution process shocked everyone in the party. Akhilesh didn’t stop here. What might be read as an indication of Akhilesh waiting for the right moment to strike back, he said, “He is a player of chess but also understands well the card game. One who will have the ace up his sleeves will win.”
Minutes after Akhilesh’s comment, a worried Mulayam summoned him along with Ramgopal Yadav and Shivpal to his residence, 5 Vikramaditya Marg. Though the details of the close door meeting were not made public, Ramgopla Yadav later on told a section of media that “all is well in the party”.
However, sources say that Akhilesh opposed the decision of giving a ticket to Aman Mani tripathi, the man against whom Akhilesh has recommended a CBI probe in relation to alleged murder of his wife. Aman Mani’s father Amar Mani Tripathi is alreayd serving life imprisonment in the murder of Poetess Madhumtia Shukla. Amanmani too is presently behind the bars.
A young leader of the Samajwadi party who is part of Team Akhilesh and was recently sacked from the party by Shivpal Yadav though is not ready to be quoted but says “There is a deliberate attempt by top leaders of party to isolate Akhilesh. Old guards feel that Akhilesh’s development agenda alone is not sufficient to ensure electoral victory. But Akhilesh is the natural leader, wait for the opprtune time, before he acts.”
Political opponents are however not amused. BJP state General secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said, “It’s a scripted drama. Both Akhilesh and Mulayam are playing together. Attempt is to keep Akhilesh’s image intact and also take criminals on board the party. If Akhilesh is really so issolated and annoyed, he should step down.”
Politics apart, one thing is clear that inner bickering of the Samajwadi party could have come at no worse time. With a strong speculation already existing that Akhilesh’s proposed Vikas Yatra and Mulayam Singh’s electoral rally earlier slated to be held in Azamgarh on October 6th has only been called off because of the rift ‎within the party, the moral of party workers had already hit a low. With all possibilities of divide only getting deeper in days to come, a veil of uncertainty looms large over party’s electoral strategies and performance.

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