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Trinamool MLA’s ‘temple run’ act in Tripura Assembly

NEW DELHI: Trinamool Congress MLA Sudip Roy Burman seems to love the hugely popular mobile game – Temple Run. Why? Watch the video below and you will get the answer.
Burman was protesting against the Speaker’s refusal to allow a discussion on a purported sex scandal involving state forest and rural development minister Naresh Jamatia.
The Tripura assembly witnessed uproarious scenes over personal allegations of a sex scandal against Jamatiya, reports said.
During Zero Hour, TMC MLA Burman, former leader of the opposition, raised the issue published in a local Bengali daily.
Jamatiya rubbished the newspaper report while terming it as a conspiracy to malign his image. The minister said that he has filed a defamation suit in a court against the newspaper.
The entire opposition, including the Congress and TMC, started protesting while demanding statement from CM Manik Sarkar, who also holds the Home portfolio.
As the lawmakers barged into the well of the House, Burman suddenly picked up the Speaker’s mace and ran away from the floor towards one of the rooms inside the Assembly building.
Burman managed to evade several security guards and locked himself up inside room. He, however, handed the mace back to the assembly staff later.
“I lost my cool as we were not allowed to speak in the assembly over an important issue. However, I apologise for my behaviour,” Burman told India Today.

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