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PM Modi to address farmers, inaugurate Amul unit in Gujarat on Saturday

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a farmers’ rally and also inaugurate an Amul cheese factory in Gujarat on Saturday.

He will address the farmers in Banaskantha district during his day-long visit to Gujarat, PTI reported.

He will also make his first trip to the state BJP headquarters in Gandhinagar since assuming the top office in May 2014.

“A rally of farmers and cooperative movement activists will be addressed by the Prime Minister tomorrow in Deesa town of Banaskantha district.

“We expect over two lakh people at the rally,” the report quoted Gujarat BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya as saying.

PM Modi will also inaugurate a new Amul cheese factory at Banas Dairy in Banaskantha district and also launch ‘Amul Deshi’ A2 cow milk, the report added.

The factory has been built with an investment of Rs 350 crore.

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