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Will surgical strikes translate to ‘vijay’ in UP for Narendra Modi? BJP thinks so

Even though the Bharatiya Janata Party is claiming that surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir is not a political topic, party thinks the people of poll-bound Uttar Pradesh are inspired by Modi government’s nationalist sentiments.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to the capital of the poll-bound state on the day of Vijayadashami will replete with symbolism as the country seems to be in a celebration mode after the surgical strikes.
Will surgical strikes translate to ‘vijay’ in UP for Narendra Modi? BJP thinks so
“I have requested the honourable Prime Minister to grace us with his presence on Vijayadashami. I hope he will accept the invitation. It is a significant day across the country especially this year. It is a day which marks the victory of justice over injustice, of the righteous way [dharma] over the wrong one [adharma], of truth over lies,” BJP’s Uttar Pradesh unit chief Keshav Prasad Maurya was quoted in a Hindu report.
“The government is deserving of all accolades for responding strongly to threats by Pakistan,” he added.
“The situation in Uttar Pradesh is particularly grim owing to the family feud in the ruling party here. The people of the State, who I feel are particularly inspired by nationalist sentiment are looking to Prime Minister Modi and the record of his government,” he was further quoted in the Hindu report.
The presence of Modi at Aish Bagh in Lucknow might also help the party tide over troubles that it created for itself after cow-vigilantism and several rounds of communal and insensitive remarks by its local leaders. In addition to this, the nationalism wave can help the party beat strong caste equations that might not go in its favour.
“The people of the State feel that the Modi government has been particularly good at delivering on its promises, and has been particularly adept at dealing with Pakistan, shattering that country’s illusions that its activities would go unpunished,” Maurya was quoted.

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